June 23, 2019

Any babe’s life in the 30's can be quite challenging. Have you realized how many decisions you are making ? Higher studies, pursuing career goals, choosing a lifetime partner, marriage, pregnancy, kids, family responsibilities… and the list goes on.


Stress and all that comes with it!

As much as it can be stressful for our minds, our skin will also have a number of negative reactions to stress. Have you noticed that you have more breakouts & pimples when you are stressed ? There’s a simple explanation.

Stress can cause chemical responses in your body which makes your skin more reactive and sensitive leading to breakouts, pigmentation etc etc. Not only that, it can also make it harder for your skin problems to heal.



Where will you notice ageing ?

If you are under the 30’s wishes cycle of getting stressed, or having more of an outdoor life you will start seeing fine lines appearing around the eyes, lines between noses or your mouth’s smile lines, or even on the forehead.

According to Dr. Michele Farber, of Schweiger Dermatology Group “Dynamic wrinkles begin in the late twenties to early thirties, and static wrinkles begin in the early to mid thirties." But wrinkles can occur in the early 20's too. “

Sleeping right ?

we all know that getting a good night's sleep can help us rejuvenate, regenerate and wake up with less eye bags. So obviously the opposite happens when you don’t give yourself that beauty sleep.

Too much time on digital world right before bed, late night Netflix can cause your skin tons of damage. There's a bit more to sleeping habits. Dr Faber says sleeping on your stomach can accelerate ageing. So it’s time to use a heavy blanket and sleep on your back.


Abandoning your water bottle for hours

Sure.. Life gets so busy, back to back meetings, replying to hundreds of emails and checking your favourite babe’s Instagram page can be very time consuming. Which surely means you are missing out on those 8 glasses of water a day. Remember keep thyself hydrated. You will be doing a very big favour to your skin.


Air that you breath

Pollution can be another factor which we don’t even consider. Of course who wants to shut themselves indoors when you are in your 30’s. You will be doing lots of travelling and exposing yourself to toxic air. At least we are lucky to have good air to breathe here in Australia. But if you spend a lot of time in the bustling city, it's always a good idea to get yourself into the nature even by doing a brisk walk during weekends.


Skincare with no care

Yes us 30’s babes spend a lot of money on our skincare. But are you reading those fine lines on the product? The more chemicals you use on your face, the more damage you would be causing.

Embrace natural skin care with active ingredients and antioxidants from a young age to avoid premature skin ageing. Have a morning and night routine without mixing your AM & PM products. Use products made with natural ingredients which will have a long term effect on your skin and overall health. Sunscreen is not a choice just when you are lying on the beach! Make it a daily routine to avoid sun exposure on your beautiful skin.



A Tip from Zudoya angels :

Add a Jade or Rose Quartz facial roller from Zudoya to your daily beauty routine.Natural crystal stones enriched with healing properties will provide you sensational massage while helping your facial products penetrate better on skin.. We roll upwards,Rolling upwards helps counteract the downwards pull. A great way to counter attack sagging and wrinkles from a young age.

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